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PICANOL OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190
PICANOL OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190  - 1
PICANOL OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190  - 2
PICANOL OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190  - 3
PICANOL OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190  - 4
PICANOL OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190  - 5
PICANOL OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190  - 6
PICANOL OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190  - 7
PICANOL OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190  - 8

PICANOL OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190

Reference number (code) 22D217
Category Picanol Air Jet Looms
Type OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190
Year of construction 2015
Working width 1900 mm
Stock / Quantity 1
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PICANOL air jet weaving loom type OMNIplus Summum-4-J-190 year of construction 10/2015, serial number 335049, working width 1900mm, 4 colours installed, with jacquard BONAS type SI 09-24 9216 year of construction 2015 serial number F30003725001, 5376 hooks installed. Equipment : SUMO, ELO, ETU, PRA II Plus, AIR MASTER, 4 weft colours, 4 weft feeders PICANOL type BLUE Easyset with PFL and balloon breaker, feeder stand, bobbin creel with 4 bobbin switch sensors, warp tension roll Ø 120mm + supports for 2nd whip roll, easing motion RHS, warp detection GROB with 6 detection bars, warp beam position 11, single pressure roll, warp beam Ø 805mm, e-Leno RHS+LHS, ELSY PLUS RHS, touchscreen, waste-system with dustbin, internal cloth roll driving system, cloth roller, cardan axe, Controller BONAS S800, maximum speed 1200TPM, BLUE BOX (Ldec), harness BONAS 5376 ends, air reed DM1800 N°1259 L.M.1802, super frame jacquard construction with safety railing and stair, TESTING DEMO LOOM (1782 running meter, tested without warp beam and without weft insertion).

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